Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Saint Abigail (Wife of King David)

Patron Saint: Wife of the King of David

Name Means: The cause of a Father's joy

Born: 1000 BC

Died: 950 BC

Why she is venerated by the Holy Roman Catholic Church:

One of the Seven female Prophets of the Old Testament

Remakably humble and virtuous

Named herself: "The Handmaiden of the Servants of God"

Treated her slaves like kings and washed their feet

Saint Abigail Medals



  1. Saint Abigail rocks!!!!! She is intelligent, beautiful, hot, and she can make a king fall head over heels in love...

    She and King David had one son named Daniel, right? Her feast day is September 1, am i right? A good role model for everyone of us...

  2. I agree. Yes, King David and St. Abigail had a son named David, but the most widely acknowledged date of her feast day is Feb 11th. However, There is some conflicting information on that, and some believe that September the 1st is the true date.

  3. February 11th, huh? I see... What's St. Abigail's patronage, by the way? If Saint King David is the patron of poets, what's Saint Abigail's patronage?

    And also... can you feature other patriarchs such as Joseph the Dreamer? Is he also considered a saint in some churches? Please reply... Thanks... God bless...

  4. St. Abigail is best known as the Patron of Beekeeping, but when I was writing about her I took perogative and stated her as being the Patron of King David. I just thought beekeeping was somewhat unusual, and portrayed her in somewhat of a bizarre way.

    I will definitely feature other patriarchs in the future. Thank you for letting me know you would be interested in seeing them.

    Thank you again and God bless you as well.

  5. All the information I saw about St. Abigail the patron of beekeeping was about a Saint from Ireland. I think they are two different saints of the same name.

  6. I found a source that says St. Abigail (wife of King David) is the patron of wives, women of learning and women of counsel.

  7. St. Abigail is from Ireland...they are one and the same :)

  8. its against this gracious saint of God that i named my first daughter St.Abigail Stephen Ahweera _Uganda

  9. didn't she REmarry King David? who was her 1st husband

  10. They are two different saints. St. Abigail from King David was actually from 1000 BC. King David was one of the original Kings of the Jews in Jerusalem. Of course the saint from Ireland was many years later.

  11. its soooooooo kwl theres a saint with the same name as me!!!!!! not sure bout her being patrent saint of bee keeping!!!!

    1. I think the patron saint of beekeeping is a different Saint Abigail.

  12. Im trying to find a saint for a school project...
    any help?

  13. St.Abigail is the patron saint of bees and beekeepers